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Leucorrhea  and  Homeopathy:
               Leucorrhoea is a sticky, watery, whitish discharge of mucus from the vaginal passage. It may occur normally at all times and its quantity may increase before and after menstruation. An abnormal and large discharge may indicate some infection in the uterus, cervix and lower reproductive tract.
            The etiology of vaginal discharge includes:
  • Infectious causes—vaginal, cervical and other:
    • Cervicitis
    • Vaginitis
    • Pelvic inflammatory
    • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Other:
    • Chemical irritants
    • Hormone deficiency
    • Systemic disease, rarely
    • Malignancy
  • Physiologic (normal) discharge
  • Nonvaginal discharge:
    • Occasionally urine leakage can be confused with a vaginal discharge
    • Urethral discharge from a Skene abscess

“Classic” descriptions of discharge:
  • Yeast:
    • Thick, “curdy,” white, nonodorous discharge
    • + KOH for pseudohyphae or budding yeast
    • + WBCs on wet prep
  • Trichomonas:
    • Thin, frothy, odorous discharge
    • Wet mount with motile trichomonads: Sensitivity of 55–60%
    • Inflammatory vaginal and cervical changes: “Strawberry” vagina/cervix

  • Bacterial vaginosis:
    • Thin, gray, homogenous discharge
    • Fishy odor
    • pH >4.5
    • Positive amine/whiff test
    • Microscopy with >20% clue cells
  • Mucopurulent cervicitis:
    • Creamy, thick, yellow or greenish discharge
    • May have odor
    • Microscopy with multiple WBCs
  • Physiologic discharge:
    • Thin, white, scant
    • pH <4.7
    • Absence of WBCs, clue cells, yeast, negative whiff test

              Clinically we have four divisions of leucorrhoea,
1.      the valvular,
2.      the vaginal,
3.      the cervical,
4.      and the uterine.          
The first form we find oftener in children, and in aged women, but the other forms we find all during the child-bearing period. The valvular discharge is sero-purulent, viscid, unctious, having an odor of old cheese or at least an offensive smell. It comes largely from a rapidly developing sebaceous fluid.
The vaginal occurs in young women and is creamy or white, purulent; it may be either bland, or excoriating.
The cervical discharges are thick, tenacious, ropy, or stringy, showing the albuminous elements.

The uterine is similar to the cervical but is more watery. It may be tinged with blood or mixed with pus. After the menopause it is thin watery, and often excoriating.
Treatment is based on a specific diagnosis, which is arrived at through:
  • Careful history
  • Exam
  • Testing of vaginal discharge for:
    • pH
    • Microscopy
    • “Whiff” test
    • Cultures as needed

Homeopathic treatment for leucorrhoea:
Aesculus hippocastanum
        Old cases of leucorrhoea with great pain in the back, patient can hardly walk due to pain in the back, worse walking and stooping. Leucorrhoea after menses. Patient has piles, constipation. Feels better in cool open air.

Agnus castus
            Leucorrhoea staining the underwear yellow, leucorrhoea after scanty menses, with relaxation of genitals. Patient has sterility, sad mood, mental depression, loss of nervous energy, premature old look due to excessive sexual intercourse. Feeling of speedy death. Patient has obesity (because of sterility), feels better in cool open air (as it is gonorrhoeal remedy).
 Aletris farinosa
         5 drops in half cup of water in uterine atony (weakness) with profuse, premature menses or leucorrhoea pressing down due to prolapsus of uteri. Leucorrhoea during pregnancy or after nervous dyspepsia. Defective nutrition, after protracted illness or frequent abortions. Patient is tired all the times, feels faint, and vertigo with constipation. She is better in cool open air.

           Leucorrhoea acrid, irritating better washing with cold water. Leucorrhoea is worse after menses, during day. Menses are too early, short, scanty, pale, followed by great exhaustion. Leucorrhoea with pain in the back as if hot iron rod were thrust into the spine, with paralytic weakness in the legs. Patient has constipation; dry, rough skin, and is worse from heat. She is very sensitive to cold air.
 Ambra grisea
            Leucorrhoea bluish-white, worse at night, in old women. Leucorrhoea is excessive in scrawny women. Itching and swelling in vagina. Patient is very nervous, weak, limbs go to sleep. Worse in any type of warmth, better in cool open air.
 Apis mellifica
              Leucorrhoea due to pelvic cellulitis. Ovaritis, metritis, endocervicitis, vaginitis, swelling of labia, fallopian tubes-are the examples of swelling in the pelvis causing pelvic cellulitis with pressing down pains. Patient has joint pains, worse for touch, jar and motion, feels better in cool open air. Leucorrhoea acrid, corroding, with burning itching, better by washing with cold water. Patient has no thirst, and is worse in hot weather.
 Argentum metallicum
              Leucorrhoea with eroded, spongy cervix, and bearing down pain. Leucorrhoea foul and excoriating. Palliative in cancer of uterus, with joints pain, and pain in limbs, worse by touch, descending motion, at noon and in closed room, better in open air.
 Argentum nitricum
                Purulent or bloody, profuse leucorrhoea with yellow stains in the underwear. Leucorrhoea due to cervical erosion that bleeds easily and makes the discharges bloody. Mental exhaustion, weak memory, vertigo, general debility, much flatulence and distension of abdomen, better from eructations. Patient cannot tolerate warmth, feels better in cool open air.
 Arsenicum album
                    Leucorrhoea due to chronic endometritis or endocervicitis with menorrhagia (excessive, irregular and prolonged menstrual flow) in thin, exhausted, weak women with profuse, thin, watery, acrid, burning and corroding discharges. In some cases it is offensive and purulent, drops down when standing, with yellow stains in the underwear. In other cases, the discharge is bloody due to cervical erosion. Pressing and stitching pains in the lower abdomen, better by hot fomentations. Patient has anxiety, restlessness, fear of death, anaemia, frequent thirst but drinks a little water every time.
 Borax veneta
                    Leucorrhoea like white of an egg with a sensation as if warm water is flowing out of the vagina. Painless discharge, but in some cases, it is acrid, burning, corroding, or milky white in other cases. Menses too soon, too profuse, and leucorrhoea between the periods. Patient has aphthae in mouth; loose, offensive stools. Worse in warm weather and downward motion.
 Bovista lycoperdon
                    Leucorrhoea is worse in old women, with diarrhoea, palpitation of heart, and with skin symptoms like tettery (herpetic) eruption or urticaria all over the body. Worse on least excitement, or walking in cold morning air and from cold water bathing.
 Calcarea carbonica
                     Leucorrhoea like milk, or albuminous, before menses, which is profuse and excessive, due to swelling and ulceration of os (an opening of cervix into the vagina) and cervix uteri (a cervical canal or neck of the uterus) with great chilliness in the body, lassitude, debility and sinking sensation at the stomach. Leucorrhoea due to chronic metritis, endocervicitis, especially in scrofulous, fat women with sweating of head or body during sleep at night. Leucorrhoea chlorosis, during day, after physical exertion. Patient is worse in cold air, cold wet weather and feels better in dry warm and open weather.
 Calcarea phosphorica
                      Leucorrhoea in emaciated schoolgirls with anaemia, great lassitude, weak digestion, numbness and crawling sensation in cold hands and feet. Patient has scrofulous history in the family. Feels better in dry warm weather, worse in cold damp air.
 Carbo animalis
                       Leucorrhoea followed by great exhaustion. Stains yellow. Offensive leucorrhoea during pregnancy. Menses too early, frequent and long-lasting, with great weakness and exhaustion, worse with motion, in the morning. Leucorrhoea has offensive smell, night sweat. Patient desires to be alone and avoids conversation. Sour water in mouth with weak digestion.
 Carbo vegetabilis
                       Leucorrhoea before menses, thick, greenish, milky or excoriating. Premature and too copious menses, pale blood, great weakness and debility, coldness in body with thirst. Burning in hands, eyes and soles during menses. Patient is worse in open cold air, from coffee, milk, fat, and warm damp weather, better from eructations and fanning. Leucorrhoea is worse in the morning when rising from bed.
 Caulophyllum thalictroides
                      Menses and leucorrhoea are profuse. Leucorrhoea after habitual abortion from uterine debility (Helon, Puls, Sab). Extraordinary rigidity of os with needle prick sensation in the cervix. Dysmenorrhoea with pains flying to other parts of the body. Pain in small joints, patient is tired and exhausted, irritable due to pain. Brown spots over face. Leucorrhoea in nervous, debilitated women with relaxed, flabby uterus. Leucorrhoea of young girls, weakening them greatly. Patient is worse in too cold and too hot weather.
 Cimicifuga racemosa
                Leucorrhoea during climacteric period, with pain in back, heat in the head, debility and rheumatic pains in the body. Leucorrhoea in hysterical, nervous and rheumatic patients or during pregnancy. Leucorrhoea due to vaginal swelling or endo-cervicitis, ovaritis and swelling of the adjoining tissue with bearing down pains. Patient is worse in cold season.
 China officinalis
                 Purulent, offensive and bloody discharges from the vagina with heavy, bearing down pains in the pelvis extending to vulva and anus. Leucorrhoea instead of menses, or profuse menstrual flow attended with great debility, weakness and prostration. Leucorrhoea due to endometritis and endocervicitis with itching of vagina. Patient has weak digestion, loose offensive stools containing undigested food particles. Better from warmth and in cool open air.
 Cocculus indicus
               Purulent, gushing leucorrhoea between the periods. Menses are too early, profuse, dark and clotted. Patient is too weak to walk and stand during menses or leucorrhoea, with painful pressing down in the uterine region. Coldness, numbness and trembling of lower legs; paralytic pain and weakness in small of the back and lower limbs, arms go to sleep. Chilliness, with perspiration, and heat of the skin, i.e. , coldness of lower extremities and heat of head. Leucorrhoea during pregnancy, with morning sickness. Useful for light-haired females, unmarried and childless women, sensitive and romantic girls.
 Leucorrhoea instead of menses. Inchorous (watery) leucorrhoea, gushes out when rising from sitting position, and stepping down- stairs. Patient is worse in cold weather, or becoming cold from cold water. Nausea from smell of food. Better from quiet, rest, slight warmth and sleep.
                   Leucorrhoea pale, thin, profuse, white and excoriating with great weakness in back. Gushing leucorrhoea when walking or stepping down stairs. Leucorrhoea between the periods, before or after the menses which are late and scanty. Patient has rawness, soreness or suppuration of vagina, congestion of cervix with lancinating pain and heavy weight in the uterine region, constipation, distension of abdomen. Patient is fat, chilly and takes cold easily, or she is worse from warmth.
 Helonias dioica
                    Leucorrhoea in old or feeble women, who have great languor (tiredness of mind, lack of strength or will), prostration, backache and debility. Pain and weight in back, burning across the lumbar region. Vulva is red, hot, swollen, burning and itching terribly. Burning heat on top of the head. Feels better when mind is kept busy. Patient is very irritable and cannot bear least contradiction. Leucorrhoea and debility during menopause and pregnancy. Patient is better when doing something, worse from motion. Discharge is watery, offensive, due to erosion or ulceration of cervix. Chronic leucorrhoea with chronic swelling of legs. Feet feel cold and numb.

Hepar sulphur
                   Leucorrhoea very offensive, like smell of old cheese. It is acrid, corroding with burning and smarting in the vagina due to abscess or ulceration of cervix, os or vaginal passage. Patient feels chilly, better in dry warm weather. Profuse perspiration at the climacteric with menses late or scanty.
 Hydrastis canadensis
                     Leucorrhoea worse after menses, with menorrhoea (abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation which may or may not be associated with abnormally long period). Pruritus of vagina with profuse acrid, corroding, shreddy leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea due to erosion and excoriation of the cervix. Gleety discharges from vagina, look like thick, viscid leucorrhoea. Patient has weak digestion, constipation and aphthae in mouth. Better in open air, worse in too cold and too hot weather.
 Joanesia asoca
                      5 drops 3 times a day during leucorrhoea, amenorrhoea or delayed menses, or irregular and painful menses with pain in ovaries, back and down legs. Obstinate constipation, haemorrhoids, excessive thirst, craving for sweet, pain in eyes, loss of smell. Feels better in open air.

                    Leucorrhoea yellow, acrid, offensive or excoriating, causing swelling, burning and itching within vulva, vagina and between thighs. Leucorrhoea staining yellow or stiffening the underwear, between the periods. Leucorrhoea flows like menses which are too early, too profuse and prolonged, cease on sitting or walking, reappears on lying down. Leucorrhoea with backache, great debility, worse when walking and standing, less when sitting or lying down. Sometimes it is milky white, brown or bloody after sexual intercourse. Patient has rapid decay of teeth, spongy bleeding gums, teeth dark and crumbly with offensive smell from mouth. She is stupid, forgetful, peevish and irritable. Worse in cold air, rest; better from warmth, motion and warm diet. Burning of soles at night in bed. Winter cough with pain in larynx, copious purulent or bloody expectoration.
 Lilium tigrinum
                         A useful remedy for profuse, brownish leucorrhoea and for early, scanty, dark, clotted, offensive menses, flows only when moving about, with bearing down sensation or with constant desire for stool, or pressure in rectum worse on standing, ceases when resting. Constant desire to support the parts (vulva or anus) externally, as if everything would escape from them. Patient has profound depression of spirits, worse in warm weather, feels better in cool open and fresh air. Patient has rheumatic arthritis, pain in back, spine, right arm and hip. Pain in legs, ankle joint, with burning of palms and soles. Irregular, rapid pulse; palpitation, feeling of load in chest, pain in cardiac region, suffocating feeling in crowded, warm room and angina pectoris with pain in right arm, cold feeling around heart, and patient weeps anxiously due to fear of some organic and incurable disease within her body.
 Murex purpurea
                         Leucorrhoea green or bloody. Patient has nymphomania and sexual desire. Dysmenorrhoea and chronic endometritis. Menses are irregular, profuse, frequent with large clots of blood. Prolapse of uterus with pressing-down pain on one spot in the pelvis, worse by least touch, and when lying down. Pain in the breasts from hard knots or during menstrual periods. Urine frequent at night or has constant urging during day. It is useful in nervous, sad, anxious and affectionate women with weak body and gone feeling in stomach.

Ovi gallinae pellicula
 3x, 6x
                Leucorrhoea milky white, profuse, with backache or a feeling as if back-bone were broken into two pieces. Patient has great exhaustion, weakness and tired feeling. Chilliness, better from external warmth. Leucorrhoea due to malignant ulcer in the cervix or vaginal passage.

                 One dose or two every week as an inntercurrent remedy for leucorrhoea, offensive, lumpy, with much backache and debility, or asthmatic breathing with dyspnoea, eruption of boils or pimples over skin, around finger and joints with itching, worse from warmth of the bed. Profuse offensive night sweat which is oily in nature. Worse from least cold, draught of air, feels better by wrapping the body warmly even in hot summer.
 Pulsatilla pratensis
                      Leucorrhoea acrid, burning and creamy with pain in back, tired feeling. Diarrhoea during and after menses which are scanty, delayed, or suppressesed due to chlorosis, nervous debility, from getting the feet wet. Patient is worse from warmth and better in cool open air. .

 6, 30
                         Leucorrhoea after menses. Menses profuse and bright due to pelvic cellulitis, ovaritis, chronic endometritis and after abortion. Leucorrhoea due to increased sexual desire. Uterine pain extends down thigh or from sacrum to pubis and vagina. Haemorrhage or menorrhagia in women who abort readily. Worse from least motion or due to atony of the uterus from heat, and feels better in cool fresh air. Arthritic pain in joints, distension of abdomen with wind, taste, thirst for water and lemonade.

Sepia officinalis
                      Leucorrhoea profuse, gushing, offensive, with bearing down sensation in the vagina as if everything would escape from the vulva. Leucorrhoea chronic due to endometritis, endo-cervicitis or ulceration of cervix with itching and burning pains in the vagina and vulva. Patient is worse in cold as well as hot weather.
 Note :
 Chronic leucorrhoea takes more time to cure. Because the cause of leucorrhoea takes much time to be eradicated from the body.

Bio chemic treatment for Leucorrhoea:
 Kalium muriaticum
              Discharge of milky-white, non-irritating mucus, mild, profuse.Excellent in long-standing cases.
 Kalium phosphoricum
              Leucorrhoea, scalding and acrid, yellowish, blistering, orange colored.
 Kalium sulphuricum
             Leucorrhoea, discharge of yellow, greenish, slimy or watery secretions.
 Natrium muriaticum
                  Leucorrhoea, a watery, scalding, irritating discharge, smarting after or between the periods.
 Greenish, after walking, in the morning, with headache, colic, itching of vulva, and bearing-down pressure. After topical application of nitrate of silver.

Natrium phosphoricum
                Leucorrhoea, discharge creamy or honey-colored, or acid and watery, discharges from the uterus sour-smelling, acrid.
 Natrium sulphuricum
                   Leucorrhoea, acrid, corrosive, inflames part.
 Calcarea phosphorica
                  Leucorrhoea, as a constitutional tonic and intercurrent with the chief remedy; a discharge of albuminous mucus.Leucorrhoea worse after menses, looks like white of egg, with feeling of weakness in sexual organs, worse after stool and urination.Parts pulsate with voluptuous feelings.Patient takes cold readily.
 Silicea terra
             Leucorrhoea instead of the menses, preceded by colicky pains, also during micturition and following obstinate constipation. Deficiency of animal heat. Especially for over-sensitive, weakly women, whose constitutions are imperfectly nourished owing to deficient or imperfect assimilation.
  • Apply the pulp of a ripe mango to the vaginal area and leave it on for a while, before rinsing it off with water.
  • Eat one or even two ripe bananas on a daily basis 
  • Drink a glass of fresh cranberry juice, preferably without any sugar, once a day 
  • Soak some coriander seeds in water overnight and drink the water, after straining it, on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. 
  • Consume the lady finger vegetable, preferably in the raw form, or lightly steamed
  • Clean the vaginal area with freshly squeezed lemon juice and water

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