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A homeopathy doctor of Agra has claimed that he had treated more than 8,00,000 patients so far and thereby claims the world record of Guinness.

His earlier Guinness record for treating 3,00,000 patients is still unbeaten by anybody.

The forty year old Parthasarathy Sharma is working in Jain charitable institution from his earlier age said, “The records to prove his number of patients treated are in public domain, not private and it is properly recorded scientifically.”

Sharma said that his record will increase the popularity of homeopathy in India and will be proved as a proven therapy.

He said that homeopathy is popular for it does not have side effects and other adverse reactions.

Sharma said that he is even treating cancer patients.

Dr. Sharma is very busy daily in his hospital with 100 to 150 patients who come to see him for taking treatment.

Sharma said that his aim is not to set a record, but to treat a maximum number of patients.

Sharma has started his practice since 1993 and till a month age, he has treated 8,00,000 patients.

Sharma’s patients are praising him for his service.

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