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Sepsis is a disease on which many articles have been written in the past, but due to its importance, its awareness is still relevant specially in terms of homeopathy;

It would be worth mentioning here that thousands of patient die around the world because of Sepsis, even in USA and Europe where hospital care is at optimum at least compared to the developing world;

Sepsis is also called “SIRS” or systemic inflammatory response syndrome ; It is an illness in which bacterial illness takes over the blood stream. In simple words it is blood poisoning.

Causes: As mentioned Sepsis is caused by a bacterial infection that can begin any where in the body.

The glands that may be infected are:

Skin - Cellulitis.
Lining of the brain- Meningitis.
Lungs – Bacterial Pneumonia.
Kidney- Urinary Tract Infection.
Liver – Inflammation
Gall Bladder- Infection,
Bowel- Peritonitis.

One important aspect not to be overlooked is in hospitalized patient, where Sepsis can affect them adversely;

Common site of infection are surgical wounds, surgical drains, intravenous lines, and the skin breakdown, resulting in the dreaded bedsores;

Symptoms: Some of the important symptoms are as follows,

Shock due to drop in blood pressure.

Malfunctioning of different organs of the body, such as kidney, liver, lungs, and CNS or central nervous system.

Mental confusion, delirium.

Low urine output.

Skin rash,



Homeopathy has a very important role to play in overcoming the symptoms by prescribing according to “law of similars”.

Some of the important medicines in treating SEPSIS are as follows,

Apis, Ars, Baptisia, Bell, Bryonia, Carb Veg, Crotolus Horridus, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Pyrogenum, and Echenasia.

I may add that for bedsores Calendula ointment has been proved to be very effective in addition to medicine prescribed according to the prevailing condition.

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