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Matter may change in form but it is always present; force may change its expression but no unit of force is ever destroyed. We hold that force, on energy, or Dynamis, whatever you wish to call it, is the law of nature; it may express its powers in different but in its essence it is that which was breathed into man at his creation which made him a living soul, name of author (yr of publication).

Crude drugs have three degrees of action:
1. Mechanical
2. Chemical and
3. Dynamic

The first two grades are of little comparative note in homeopathy. This is demonstrated by the fact that their provings in crude form produce comparatively little of worth, where as in those provings made from the thirtieth and above we obtain more complete provings because of the dynamic action. The full power of the drug in its dynamic action is brought out in the potency; where as the grosser material elements by their crudity develop no fine individualities in their provings. Entirely new activities are developed, liberated and may be transmitted and changed into the poetizing medium. (Cf. organon 269). This is shown by the potentization of inert substances like Carbo veg, Lycopodium and Silicia

There is very little direct evidence that the biological response is produced by a chemical reaction between the drug and the cell constituents. This assumption is chiefly justified by the facts that it is supported by much indirect evidence, and that there is no alternative hypothesis has stronger evidence in its support. If assume that there is some simple relation between the amount of drug entering into combination and extent of the biological response, then the following consideration must apply.

If the fundamental chemical reaction consists in fixation of drug by some particular constituent of the cell, then this must result in a reduction both of the free drug and of the free receptors in the cell. The relative amounts of drug solution and cells can, however, be varied at will, and hence the concentration of drug can always be kept constant by proving a sufficient excess of drug solution; indeed in many cases of the drug fixed is so minute that it is so difficult to reduce the drug solution to a volume small enough to show changes of concentration (p. 60).

“The simpler the conditions chosen and the smaller the difficulty in securing access to the inner surface, the quicker is the absorption ... in the case of well powdered absorbents the equilibrium is mostly reached in seconds or minutes…”

The action is much more rapid in the case of well powdered substances (Triturations).

It is but natural that many prescribers at first stay close to mechanical and chemical stages, for the material always first attracts our attention; but in order to grasp this truth of dynamization we must apply the same means of approach and travel the same role that Hahnemann and his followers have traveled, recognizing the dynamic in health and in disease and applying the same line of thought and reason to the study and development of power and action of drug.

It is well to know the care and thoroughness of Hahnemann’s work and methodical way in which he developed the potency, using the centesimal scale in preparing his divided dosage, and giving each step in the process vigorous succussion. This process was continued until all trace of quantity had vanished, beyond the recognition of all possible physical tests; yet in these higher potencies the dynamic qualities or potential qualities survive. Upon man or animals we find a far more delicate organism or apparatus than in many provided in any possible physical instruments as yet developed. Possibly the furthest development of radioactive power may in time give us a measuring instrument that may partially reveal this ability, but the human organism will always be the more delicate instrument, for the susceptible subject is quick to response to this dynamic force.

We are dealing here in the realm of imponderable, and encounter problems beyond the reach of men’s analysis, a realm were we can only observe effects alone. However, all we can see and all we can hope to know in our observation of human being is the effects of growth and development; and is so with our study medicinal action. This is so not only in the study of potency, but it is so almost entirely in the study of the crude drugs and their action, as well as our study of foods and their actions; the effects are there to be seen, but the imponderable nature of the modus operandi is beyond our comprehension. The very same line of evidence is produced in all these fields; it is the effects only that are manifest to us. The observations must be recorded, and only by deduction can we comprehend their inner most meaning. (Many mistakes have been made by failing to follow rules laid down by Hahnemann in his Organon of healing Art. Follow these rules and the results will be in order and observable.)

All authorities agree that the proper dose is found in the degree of susceptibility. ‘Fincke says’

……………..“That dose is appropriate which will be proportionate to the degree of susceptibility of the patient………….”

The discovery and development of the dynamic principle in medicine was a forerunner of the knowledge of many things that are generally accepted by the scientific world although they remain among “the things hard to be understood.” Our wonderful development in electricity, with the radioactivity of matter the radiochemical affinity, and many other scientific discoveries have been made possible as similar, almost parallel, discoveries to this of Hahnemann. It was direct rejection of Newton’s of matter as a “hard, massy, material atom,” and passing onto the acceptance of the concept of the electron and our present-day concept of the minuteness of matter; and it will eventually force the recognition of the infinite divisibility and fourth dimension of matter.

The fact as pointed by Ozanam, is that Hahnemann, by his discovery of potentization, raised homeopathy to a level with other natural sciences, since he created for it a method which is analogous to the infinitesimal calculus of mathematics upon which is based the atomic theory of chemistry. It illustrates and harmonizes with the “theory of the interatomic ether of space;” the “theory of the radiant state of matter,” the theory of electric potential of physics, and with chemico-cellular theory of physiology and pathological anatomy. It agrees with modern bacteriology in its explanation of the action of pathogenic micro-organism as being due to the infinitesimal quantities of their secreted poisons. It is in harmony with the latest conclusions of modern psychology.

Mode of Transmission of Homeopathic Drugs in the Body
Homeopathic drugs are present in two types or forms.
In one type the contents of matter are present. These are called the mother tinctures and low potencies below avogadro's number.
In other type they are present in potency form in which no chemical content is present but the energy packets called the photons are present.

The medicines or remedies are present in the form of mother tincture transmit are transmitted from one part of the body to other like allopathic medicines. The side effects of these medicines are also present.

The other type of homeopathic remedies consists of energy packets called biophotons. When we administer these remedies in the body the photons move through nerves and reach at that side very fastly as the speed of the nerve impulse which is 100m/sec. As every remedy has its own peculiar signs and symptoms that are produced in peculiar parts of the body. The energy of the cell which is photons also called the vital force when there are low energy photons then the health deranges. And when the homeopathic remedies are given, the photons reach that site and readjust the energy level of the cell.

If the amount of energy is high then aggravation is produced.

Speed Of Different Energies

Speed of light....................................8x108 m/sec.
Speed of sound ................................332 m/sec.
Speed of Nerve impulse.....................100 m/sec.

Basing on the fact that the main properties of homeopathic potencies are electromagnetic energies and photons, it can be concluded that the sugar globules bind the photons by their magnetic fields. By analogy, photons in alcoholic-water-dilution bind to the alcoholic-water molecules. During the preparation of homeopathic potencies, the succussed alcoholic water dilution is poured onto the sugar globule. Presumably, the magnetic field of the sugar globule is stronger than that of water carrier molecules. Otherwise, the photons bound to water carrier molecules would be evaporated. The homeopathic photons are bound to their carrier molecule, either water or sugar, by their magnetic poles. Probably the characteristic ultra-violet values separating the magnetic photons from their carrier molecules depend upon the structure of the respective carrier molecules water (dilution) or sugar (sugar globule)_ considering the fact that their magnetic fields are different. The ultra violet values separating the photons are expected to be different in potencies in alcohol-water dilutions.

It is supposed that water molecules have some kind of memory carrying the homeopathic information. 10 it is observed that the structure of water is changing because of different reasons. Basing on our experiments it can concluded that it is not the water molecule that has a memory. Probably the change in the structure is caused by various types of photons with their specific frequencies and by their energy when they are bound to the magnetic field of water. The so-called “Memory effect of water” is based on photons magnetically bound with their characteristic properties.

It is said that homeopathic remedies contain “information”. This information is the homeopathic magnetic photon with its intrinsic electromagnetic packet and different frequencies being transformed by succession into higher frequencies at higher potencies.


Presumably, during the process of illness the pathological pathway passes through several morbid states which could be explained in terms of energy with distinct frequencies, each of them corresponding to the frequency of a distinct homeopathic potency. Basing on the results of this paper, healing by homeopathy means a complete resonance of the frequency of the pathological pathway and that of remedy. By oral application of a respective homeopathic potency, the photon is immediately separated from the sugar or water molecule by the low voltages of the organism.

The photon free from any water or sugar molecule, being identical with the pure homeopathic energy, is in resonance with one of the energy terms of the pathological pathway, the frequency of which being in resonance with that of the photons. Thus, by phase-dependent interference one of the energy terms of the pathological pathway will either be excited to a higher energy level by incr4esing the intensity of the wave amplitude or excessive energy will be deleted. Thereby, the pathological pathway is transformed to another energy level, which then requires another homeopathic potency with another frequency. There is a constant interaction between the electromagnetic field of the respective organism and the pathological pathway. Different remedies are used in a hierarchic sequence in order to reach coherence by interaction with the regulating electromagnetic field. 2’3 In this way, healing is achieved step by step, remedy by remedy, changing the frequencies one after another. Hahnemann’s principle of using only one remedy for total healing is doubtful.

The homeopathic remedies can be transmitted by the following methods

1. Transmission By Nerve ;
In many cases when the medicated globule is placed in the hands of patient, they feel relief as transmission takes place via the nerve of the hand.

2. Transmission Through Blood
The hemorrhage of the patient kept at a distance was checked by making contact of the blood stain (obtained on a cloth or paper, of the same escaping blood) with the appropriate remedy.

3. Transmission Through Hair
In majority of experiments patient’s hair has been used, no matter whether the patient is or woman, or an animal such as cow buffalo, dog, cat etc. So far as the use of medicine is concerned, it is used in conventional forms
1. One medicated globule
2. Small amount of medicated sugar of milk
3. Aqueous solution of medicated powder or milk.

4. Trans mission Through Signature Or photograph
In some cases signature or writing or photograph of the patient has been used. When a selected remedy is put on the signature or writing or photograph of the patient, it affects him (patient) at once. A number of experiments have been made successfully.

5. Transmission Through Sound

o Using a telephone
o A tape-recorder

A patient narrates his trouble on telephone and the doctor opens the cork of phial of appropriate remedy during conservation with the patient, relief is felt by the patient immediately.

To further check the effect of transmission through sound a tape recorder has been used in one case. During the production of sound of the patient by this instrument, the cork of appropriate remedy was opened and the patient at a distance felt relief.
All these experiments force anyone to believe that it is not necessary for a patient to take appropriate remedy orally to restore health; the goal can be reached safely by transmission of homeo drug energy from a distance through any natural belonging to the patients.

To offer satisfactory of the phenomena observed is the next question. In view of the fact that the effect of transmission on the patient’s body is very quickly observed (even in seconds), no matter whatever the distance between the patient and place of transmission, it may be believed that there is ejection of some sort of characteristic radiation or wave with extremely high velocity from the appropriate medicine and belonging to the patient such as hair etc. Facilities in some way or other the transmission of that curative radiation up to the patient. Again for the cure of the patients, it is essential that they should be exposed to the above mentioned radiation or wave, continuously for a desired length of time and hence there should be some device to control the time for which the radiation is transmitted.

About the nature of the radiation or wave, it will not be out of place to mention that it cannot be a sound wave or thermal radiation. Sound travels with a velocity of 1120 ft. per second only, and after traveling a very short distance the sound-wave appears to be decaying particularly. Further, there is no source in the experiment, which continuously producing sound-wave or thermal wave for the desired length of time. Hence radiation should be essentially electromagnetic.