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Tingling, Coldness and Numbness - Aconite

Fullness in varius parts - Aesculus

Nervous hypersensitiveness, numbness of single parts - Ambra Grisea

Heaviness in all organs - Ammonium Carb

Sensation of plug and band - Anacordium Orientale

Excessive irritability and fretfulness - Antim crud

Drownsiness, debility, sweat, chills and contractions - Antim tart

Oedema and constricted sensations - Api smel

Trembling in affected parts - Arg nit

Sore, lame, bruised feeling - Arnica

Irritable weakness, restlessness and great exhaustion - Ars alb

Great muscular sorenes - Baptisia

No anxiety (or) fear - Bell

Rapid change of symptoms and radiating pains - Berb Vulgaris

Stitching, tearing pains - Bryonia

Coldness of single parts. - Caladium

Raw, burning pains - Cantharis

Pain unendurable with numbers. - Chamomilla

Pain in shocks. -Cina

Sensation as if clamped with iron bands. - Colocynth

Weakness of body and mind. - Conium

Great deal of bone pain. - Eupatorium perfoliatum

Oversensitiveness & weakness. - Ferrum met

Dizziness, dullness, drowsiness and trembling, musclar weakness -


Sensation of pulsation throughout the body. - Glonoine

Sensation as if wind were blowingg in some part & great sensitiveness

to all impressions. - Hep Sulph

Tremulous weakness & twitching of tendons. - Hyosyamus

Great debility. - Iodum

Pains migrate quickly. - Kali bich

Pains from within out and stinging character. - Kali carb

Pain shoot downwards with numbness. - Kalmia latifolia

Erratic pains, alternating sides. - Lac canium

Sensation of tension in various parts. - Lachesis

Neuralgia - Mag phos

Trembling all over - Medorohinum

Tremors everywhere - Mercurius

Pains of various kinds with chilliness & sensitiveness to cold air. -


Coldness, great weariness and weakness. - Nat mur

Pain as from splinters, sticking pains. - Nitric acid

Extreme dryness of mucous membranes, drowsiness. - Nuxmoschata

Painless, heaviness. - Opium

Pain in spots and periodical remissioss. - Oxalic acid

Suddenness of symptoms & neurasthenia. - Phos

Neurasthenia - Picric acid

Numbers and colness. - Platina

Constrictive sensation in the internal parts. - Plumbum met

Thirstless, Peevish and chilly. - Pulsatilla

Tearing asunder pains. - Rhustox

Feeling of intense lassitude, weakness & despair - Ruta

Pain from sacrum to pubis. - Sabina

Debility, anxiety & emaciation though appetite & thirst may be excessive. - Secale

Great debility. - Selenium

Very sensitive to touch, parts feel chilly. - Spigelia

Pain from below up, extend down to back, chills easily - Sepia

Exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slightest exertion. - Spongia

Very sensitive. - Staphysagria

Burning, sinking feeling at stomath at 11 p.m. - Sulpur

Vomiting, purging and crampss in extremities with cold perspiration. - Verb. alb

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