In classical way of homeopathic case analysis, ‘mentals’ and ‘physical generals’ considered to be most important in the selection of similimum.

Normally, while describing ‘general symptoms’, the patient would use the prefix ‘I’, and others would use the prefix ‘He’.

According to the new method of case analysis proposed by Dialectical Homeopathy, ‘general’ symptoms are classified into four categories:

1. Subjective Mental General

2. Subjective Physical General

3. Objective Mental General

4. Objective Physical General

A ‘general symptom’ may be either ‘physical’ or ‘mental’. Further, ‘mentals’ are classified into ‘subjective and ‘objective’. ‘Physical generals’ are also classified into ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’.

Subjective Mental Generals are those symptoms ‘general mental symptoms’ that could be ‘experienced’ by the patient only. Many hallucinations and delusions belong this group. ‘Grief’, ‘anxiety’ etc are ‘subjective mental generals’.

‘General physical symptoms’ that could be ‘experienced’ only by the patient, such as ‘General weakness’, ‘chilliness’, ‘hot patient’, ‘hot flashes’, etc are ‘subjective physical generals’.

When a ‘subjective physical general’ is associated with a ‘subjective mental general’, it should be graded top in the list, as a ‘subjective mental general’.

If a ‘mental general’ symptom could be observed by others, it becomes a ‘objective mental general’. ‘Laughing immoderately’, ‘wandering on streets’, ‘absence of personal hygiene’, ‘walking hurried’, ‘eating in a hurry’ ‘abusive’, ‘aversion to answer’, ‘bemoaning’, ‘plays antics’, ‘idiotic’, ‘crawling on the floor’ etc are ‘objective mental generals.

‘Objective physical generals’ are ‘physical generals’ that could be observed by others. ‘Obesity’, ‘leanness’, ‘emaciation’, ‘chorea’, ‘chlorosis’, ‘collapse’, ‘fainting’, ‘convulsions’, ‘color of discharges’, ‘dwarfish’, ‘flabbiness of skin’, ‘stoop-shouldered’, ‘anasarca’ , ‘trembling’, ‘positions in sleep’, and such symptoms belong to this group.

If an objective physical general is associated with a symptom belonging to subjective physical general or subjective mental general, it should be ranked top in the list.

After classifying and grading ‘general’ symptoms systematically, we can find an appropriate ‘constitutional similimum’ using all subjective and objective generals.

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