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REPORT From: "Anita Maden"

What does repeated impact of watching and hearing news reports all day, every day have on the psyche?

No where on this planet has there been a disaster of such magnitude, it will take much to organize.

In New Zealand at the moment, we recognise that not only the people of Christchurch suffered the anxiety and PTSD, but most new Zealanders are suffering to some degree due to the amazing media coverage we had here, which was all day every day.

Moving to higher ground
Christchurch victims travelled away from the area to family and friends to places in NZ where there were no earthquakes happening.

Free Health Care Provided By Homeopaths
In NZ the registered body of Homeopaths, have and are still providing free consultations and remedies to ANYONE affected by the earthquake ie victims relocated out of Chch, families of victims killed, aid workers, school children who have nightmares from seeing this happening on TV etc.

Donations Given
Several Homeopathic pharmacies and flower essence companies donated many thousands of dollars of remedies free, In NZ we opened a donation line where funds could be donated and used to provide ongoing Homeopathic care.

The New Zealand communities are still finding their way after such a huge devastating earthquake.
The list below is what we used in NZ via the NZCH official website.

Acute Trauma Remedies List.

Aconite: a 'classic' for fear and fright. Especially when the fright has come on suddenly, as in the case of being woken by a violent earthquake.

Arsenicum album: for fear and worry about loss of security on all levels-- physical and financial. Also the desire to have company and fear of being alone. Recurring anxiety between 12-2am. Respiratory symptoms that worsen from the time of the fright (e.g. asthma) or anxiety symptoms that involve breathing difficulty (such as hyper ventilation).

Gelsemium: a remedy indicated as 'ailments from bad news'; especially when a person feels 'like the rug has been pulled out from under them' or especially if they feel weak in the knees or powerless in the force of an event. Also to consider for post traumatic conditions where the person feels dopey and droopy and may come down with a viral illness following bad news or a shock.

Opium: homeopathically indicated when someone has such a fright that they become severely disassociated-- people suffering from this form of self-protection following a fright or trauma may not be aware of 'how out of it' they are. Sometimes they may be observed as being dull or insensate-- as if drugged by an analgesic/ anaestheitc. They may seem as if they are 'out of their body' (Lithium phos also has this symptom).

Argentium nitricum: For repeated catastrophic thoughts about recurrences of the fright---e.g. constantly anticipating the after shocks. And for the specific fear (and recuring fear) of buildings falling and crushing them.

Stramonium: Particularly useful following fright or trauma where the person is afraid of the dark, is prone to waking with ‘night terrors’. Also indicated when the behavioural response to a traumatic event is one of two extremes—excessive apathy and helplessness or aggressive and even violent outbursts.

Also always remember the Bach Flower Remedy combination: Rescue Remedy TM. This is a classic support remedy for anyone who is anxious or frightened. It typically comes in a dropper bottle and a few drops added to a water bottle that can be sipped frequently is a good way to administer to people suffering from shock and ongoing fear/ anxiety.

Here in NZ, the scales of our disaster pales into insignificance to what is Japans reality.

Here we will have to bulldoze 30% of the buildings in the CBD in CHCH, many businesses are closed, mortgages in limbo, jobs disappeared, 14,000 homes still have no electricity. 30,000 chemical toilets have been provided with more to come from the rest of the world. Globally NZ was relying on money donations from around he world which will now be spearheaded to Japan.

This disaster does not only affect Japan , it is global: radiation, loss of friends and loved ones, world economy, gas prices and the list goes on and on.

If anyone has any further help re remedies to use as an acute in such disasters I would like to know, for us in NZ we will be ok, I fear Japan may not.

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  1. This is interesting, I need to know more, I have PTSD from the quake according to the experts and would like to know where I can get help as there doesn't seem to be many options.
    PTSD is not fun I can tell you it is lkike hell.
    Rob Miller