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MD Homoeopathy Courses in India

Post graduate Homoeopathy training Programmes

Everything for a postgraduate homeopathy student

Central Council of homeopathy – CCH

In 1973 the Indian Parliament passed Homeopathic central council bill and accordingly Homeopathic Central Council was established in 1974. This council is the controlling authority of the educational and practice of Homoeopathy in India.

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MD Homeopathy Courses


Materia Medica

Organon of Medicine

Homeopathic Pharmacy

Practice of Medicine



Duration : 3 years duration

Including one year house job

Syllabus, curriculum, duration of course, prescribed text books, methodology of teaching etc are same for allopathic and homeopathic students. Instead of allopathic pharmacology homeopathic students has to study materia medica, organon of medicine, pharmacy and repertory.

In order to evaluate the standards of medical education being imparted in various medical colleges of Homoeopathy, the Central Council has laid down with the prior approval of Central Government, Homoeopathy Central Council (Inspectors and Visitors) Regulations, 1982 for inspection of the Colleges in terms of teaching facilities, equipments, accommodation, staff provided in the

Colleges and attached hospitals.

In exercise of the powers conferred by clauses (i), (j) and (k) of Section 33 and sub-section (i) of section 20 of the Homoeopathy Central Council Act, 1973 (59 of 1973), the Central Council of Homoeopathy, with the previous sanction of the Central Government formulated postgraduate homeopathy regulations which have been amended twice i.e. vide Homoeopathy (Post Graduate Degree Course) M.D.(Hom.) (Amendment) Regulations, 1992 & (Post Graduate Degree Course) M.D.(Hom.) (Amendment) Regulations, 2001].

Syllabus :

MD (Hom) Syllabus by Central Council of Homoeopathy. India

MD(Hom) Syllabus by Vinayaka Mission Deemed University. Tamil Nadu

MD (Hom) Syllabus by Rajeev Ghandi University of Health Sciences. Karnataka

MD (Hom) Syllabus by Kerala University of Health & Allied Sciences. Kerala

Minimum requirements for a Homeopathic Medical college in India & Qualification of Teaching Staff - CCH India

Postgraduate Homeopathic Colleges in India

List of UG & PG homeopathic Colleges in India

Postgraduate Homoeopathy Entrance Examinations in various states

(Question papers, mode of admission, fee etc.)


MD (Homeopathy) Part.1 Assignments - Dr.Mansoor Ali
Abstract of Work Done by a Postgraduate Student in Homeopathy

Assignments for postgraduate students in Homeopathic Pharmacy - Dr.Ram Jyothis

Evaluation of postgraduate students
Log book for postgraduate homeopathy students - Part.1
Log book for postgraduate homeopathy students - Part. II

Homoeopathy Research, dissertation & thesis
Thesis index by Central Council of Homoeopathy
List of Organon Dissertation topics Govt. Homeopathic Medical College. Calicut
Science and Art of writing synopsis for dissertation/Thesis - Dr.Anoop Nigvekar
Topic for thesis in homoeopathy
Basis of writing - A Model Homoeopathic Thesis in MD- Dr. Samarendra Prasad Mishra

University Question Papers

MD Part. I

MD Part. II

Old Scheme

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