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Brief Overview Of Cph Homeopathy Courses:

Flexible Learning at its very best

All homeopathy courses at The College of Practical Homeopathy lead to the Licentiate in Homeopathy which is the standard sector qualification to register for membership of one of the professional bodies representing Homeopaths and start your own practice. You can obtain this qualification at CPH via a number of different routes depending on your circumstances. We provide a flexible programme to meet the needs of our adult learners and this means you can study for a qualification via our:

1) The Foundation Course – (1 Year)

The Foundation Course In Homeopathy (Level 1) introduces you to homeopathy in a friendly practical manner. An ideal opportunity for those interested in learning more about homeopathy and being a homeopath.

2) The Part-time Course – (Three-four years)

The part-time homeopathy course is aimed specifically at people who want to become practising homeopaths within 3-4 years on a part-time basis. It is Ideal for people who are working or have children, but are considering a change of career.

• attendance of 10 weekends a year for four years (or three year fast track)

• Runs from 10.00 am to 5.30 on Saturday and Sunday

• One clinic day a month in years two, three and four

3) The Full-time Course – (Two years)

The full-time homeopathy course is aimed specifically at people who want to become practising homeopaths in 2 years. It is attracting people from all walks of life who prefer to study during the week, and/or overseas students who wish to study in London but who will be leaving after the homeopathic training program to practice in other countries.

It is also an attractive option for people who are considering a change of career and who are seeking vocational alternative training, within a reasonable time scale that leads to self employment.

This is the only two year course in the UK. It is both time and cost effective, being considerably cheaper (although it has more teaching time) than any comparable three year full-time course).

• You can be setting up your practice before students at other colleges have taken a case!

• two years to qualify

• one clinic day (practical training) a month from term one

• runs from 10.30 am – 5.30 pm. Mondays to Wednesdays (October – June)

• involves time to study at home and/or in tutorial or study groups

NB: Overseas students who wish to study in the UK can only apply for the full-time course.

4) Licentiate Diploma (Flexible Learning at your own pace in your own time)

The CPH Distance E learning Programme Licentiate Diploma for Doctors, Pharmacists and Medically qualified personnel

This 12 module Homeopathy course is specifically designed for medically qualified personnel (applicants can provide certificates that demonstrates a high level of knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology from an allopathic perspective).

Duration of E courses – As distance learning is not tied to a lecture programme, students may work at whatever pace is suitable for them, setting their own targets. We expect the minimum amount of time taken to complete will be one year but students will be able to study at their own pace and may take up to 2 years in total to complete. Your personal tutor will assist you in achieving whatever goals you set.

Commencement of Courses - Participants can join at any time of the year.

Qualification – on completion graduates receive the Licentiate Diploma Homeopathy (which is the qualification accepted by professional bodies in the UK) for membership).

• It is possible to change between any of these courses at appropriate times.

5) The Distance E-learning Course (Flexible Learning at your own pace in your own time)

The Distance E learning Course in Homeopathy is a very flexible study homeopathic course which is ideal for Students living outside the Greater London, area or who live overseas, who wish to undertake vocational studies in Homeopathy.

• This Distance Learning Course is open to anyone UK based or Overseas

• Very flexible study – (expected completion between 2 to 6 years)

• No exams and assessment provides ongoing feedback and motivation

• Courses are clearly presented, easy to follow and thorough in content

• personal tutor for each student to give guidance and feedback

• highest level of support via the internet

• certificates are awarded on completion of each level

• It is possible to change between any of these courses at appropriate times.

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