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Homeopathy has an impressive and extensively documented record with voluminous studies showing its efficacy. It's been widely used in hundreds of hospitals and clinics for over 200 years. So, many count on its ability to protect from and treat even the most virulent pathologies.

In light of what's taking place in Japan, I compiled the following information from homeopaths around the world: Israel, India, England, the Netherlands, and Canada.

These remedies have been used before, during and after an atomic explosion. Some of these remedies are more difficult to find while some are common to most household kits. All of them are capable, so only one or two are needed.

Pass on this information as it could protect many:

Cadmium sulph 30 or Potassium iodide 30 taken once before and once after an atomic explosion. These are generally used before symptoms appear, but can be used after as well.
Cobaltum 30C has been known to remove side effects of radiation by taking it four times in one day for 2-3 days. Then an assessment is taken to determine if more is needed and how often. If needed from that point, it is generally used four times in one day every two weeks for 2-3 months. In the hands of a skilled homeopath, this remedy may be used in a 200C potency.
Radium bromatum 30C has been used when skin eruptions or arthritis appear. Generally, take it twice daily if mild, or up to 5 times per day if more severe. It has been used for as long as many weeks, but as always, under the watchful eye of a skilled homeopath.

Arsenicum album 30C in repeated doses every few minutes to half an hour, for approximately 1-2 days, then as needed depending on symptoms.
Phosphorus 30C, 200C, and 1M, one after the other in the same fashion as Arsenicum. Together these have a history of being a very useful 1st aid.
Calc fluor 12C and Natrum muriaticum 6C thrice daily for months after exposure. More frequently, if necessary. regardless of which other remedies are chosen from above, these two remedies have a way of helping the body eliminate toxins in tandem with the other remedies.
Until and in Addition to Homeopathic Remedies

Here's a tip from my friend and colleague, Dr. Kaayla Daniel. She suggests that as soon as radioactive exposure is apparent, pour one cup each of baking soda and salt into a hot bath. Submerge and soak for as long as the water stays warm. Don't add more warm or hot water to the bath unless all of the water is drained and then begin again if the exposure is particularly high.

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God's health to you.

The information contained in this message is for educational purposes only. The author suggests that professional medical care be sought and makes no claim or promise that any product or service may cure any condition or ailment.

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