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Coughs are caused by an irritation in the lining of the throat or lungs, causing mucus build up. When you are sick, the lining of your throat and lungs becomes more sensitive. Cold air, eating or drinking, or sometimes just plain breathing can annoy the already tender lining. Coughs can tickle, or feel dry, making you clear your throat, or cough when you step into cold air. Some coughs are caused by mucus backing up in the throat or lungs. These coughs will end with the coughing up of mucus. These coughs can rattle, or bark. They can be spasmodic, as your body tries to eliminate the mucus. If you use cough drops, or cough syrups, you can prevent your coughs. This doesn't fix the problem that caused the cough; it only suppresses the body`s natural desire to heal.

The best way to stop a cough is to sooth the irritated area, and give the mucus a channel for expression-- a way to get out of your body. Coughs can be softened and soothed by herbal and homeopathic remedies. Good herbal remedies for colds with coughs include: licorice, horehound, mullein, peppermint, elderflowers, and yarrow. Homeopathy offers many cough remedies depending on the type of cough.

Remedies for dry coughs
Belladonna (short, dry, and tickling cough), Bryonia (dry cough with weakness), Gelsemium (dry cough with a dry throat or for bronchitis). Rumex crispus cough is dry and tickling. This is the remedy for a cough brought on as soon as the person goes outside.

Coccus cacti treats a tickling in the throat. Drosera produces a barking cough, worse after midnight, whereas the Dulcamara cough is caused by damp weather. Eupatorium treats a raw, painful cough. You can use Euphrasia to treat a cough that's better lying down in bed at night, but Hepar sulphuratum for a loose, rattling cough, or for someone who loses their voice or croaks. Kali bic is a remedy for someone who coughs more in the morning, on waking, and is worse when eating. Nux vomica treats for a cough that is worse in the morning and in bed. Phosphorus treats a lingering, tickly cough or coughs from a hoarse throat. It is useful in bronchitis or sore throats with raw burning pains in the throat.

The Pulsatilla cough sounds like gagging, or choking, and can be paroxysmal. Antimonium tartaricum treats a cough that is a loose, rattling, and a cough with little expectoration that can be followed by vomiting. Rhus tox cough treats a cold with a cough that is worse from cold weather and worse before a chill. Spongia coughs sound like wheezing and the person can also have stubborn mucous. This cough produces profuse, yellow, lumpy mucus. Vincetoxicum is a remedy useful for colds and viral infections. Vincetoxicum will treat a dry, spasmodic cough, which is painful and may cause a burning sensation in chest.

When you have a cough, it's a symptom that your respiratory tract is in distress. Be kind to your body- rest and give yourself time to heal.

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