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Homeopathy – it’s here, it heals and helps and it’s not just a ‘placebo’ or an alternative to ‘try’

Homeopathy heals and helps us. It’s official, it’s scientific and it’s here to stay, if those of us who use it, rely on it and find relief from illness by applying homeopathy have anything to do with it. If you care about your health at all, it’s time you had something to do with it too. Here’s some more thought-changing information and facts to help you on the road to bringing homeopathy in your life, mentioning your successes to your doctor or care provider, and helping your family and friends.

1.Electromagnetic fields are real and surround us – homeopathy is electromagnetic in nature, just like us

Dana Ullman writes on the Huffington Post

Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering the AIDS virus, has surprised the scientific community with his strong support for homeopathic medicine…

Montagnier’s research (and other of many of his colleagues) has verified that electromagnetic signals of the original medicine remains in the water and has dramatic biological effects. Montagnier’s new research is investigating the electromagnetic waves that he says emanate from the highly diluted DNA of various pathogens.

Montagnier asserts, “What we have found is that DNA produces structural changes in water, which persist at very high dilutions, and which lead to resonant electromagnetic signals that we can measure. … The high-intensity signals come from bacterial and viral DNA.”

Montagnier affirms that these new observations will lead to novel treatments for many common chronic diseases, including but not limited to autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Our DNA is electromagnetic in nature, so are bacteria and viruses, and homeopathy

See the link below for the full article on the Huffington Post. The key point here really is that our DNA responds electromagnetically to bacteria and viruses having been present in water (e.g. they have left an electromagnetic trace in water to which our DNA respond to as if they are still there). So this research leads us to understand that if we have had a bacterial or viral infection, it may have left our bodies (which are comprised of at least 5o% water/fluid) but our DNA responds as if the virus or bacteria is still there.

Homeopathic remedies have long been poo-pooed because the ‘small amount’ or trace element left in a homeopathic tincture has been deemed in the past by the allopathic medical community not to be ‘enough to make a difference’ or ‘just a placebo effect’ because the tincture is transmitted on a sugar pill. Well, what if the response to homeopathy is electromagnetic in nature?


2.Homeopathic remedies are found in the ‘wisdom archive’ of our own planet and are naturally available and rarely need to be ‘manufactured’

From Arnica Montana (a herb) to Lachesis (the venom of the Bushmaster snake) to Sulphur and so on, homeopathic remedies are naturally occurring resources in nature and can be easily made without adding to the industrial load of our planet. I believe that we need to tap into the wisdom of the Earth and combine that with our scientifically clever brains to create newer and greater medicines for everybody’s wellbeing. Homeopathy allows us to do that and still stay ‘green’!

3. It is inexpensive to self-treat for minor ailments and can often save you an insurance co-pa

It might take a little time and a small financial investment to build up a self-help homeopathy kit, still only one element, say for colds or flu, from www.1-800homeopathy.com costs $8.95. How does that match up with an insurance co-pay for you?

4. Regular treatments from a qualified homeopath can help with many major chronic ongoing ailments such as asthma and eczema

Do you or your children suffer with asthma or eczema? And how much does that cost you in co-pays, breathing treatments and topical creams? I suffered with eczema as a child and into my teen years, finishing with a major breakout just before my first wedding. (That was a sign but more in another post!). A friend suggested I see a homeopath, and my remedy was Sulphur, plus almond oil for the rash. I haven’t had eczema since.

Did you know that homeopaths consider asthma and eczema to be linked, and that asthma is the ‘inside’ version of eczema, so that if eczema is not stopped, it may develop into asthma? Interesting concept. I wonder how many parents reading this will resonate with that thought. Both my children have suffered with eczema and the homeopathic remedies have kept it to a minimum. I would rather do that than apply topical steroid creams to my children’s skin (steroid creams can thin the skin, which in children is thinner anyway).

5. Homeopathic remedies can help with life transitions and emotional issues too

Are you going through a life transition of some sort that is stressful? That’s probably a rhetorical question for some of you in our fast-paced modern world. The thing is, homeopathic remedies can ease life transitions and assist with emotional issues also.

Whilst going through divorce, I saw a homeopath regularly (Chris, you know who you are!) and received great benefit from taking Lachesis (a tincture made with a very small amount of the Bushmaster snake’s venom). It helped me release many blocked emotional issues in a natural way, in my case by sleeping a lot – much more preferable than taking an anti-depressant with it’s attendant side-effects.


Seriously, if you have read these 5 reasons and are still not ready to act, either to try the remedies yourself, help your children, family and friends, then watch an episode of ‘Glee’. That’s not serious. You don’t have to be too serious to have fun with homeopathy…it was even mentioned on a Glee episode a while back. Get yourself some Arnica Gel and rub it on a bad bruise or a sore tendon for a day or two. If you have bad swelling or bruising, use it in conjunction with an ice pack. It’s an amazing natural product, and it will work. (Just avoid using it on broken skin, because that will sting). Seriously.


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