Intolerable itching & burning of the eyelids during hay- fever. Lachrymation+ - Ambrosia

Rt. Ciliary neuralgia. Shooting pain sudden in onset >lachrymation – Prunus

Tarsal tumors (chalezions). Deformity of eyelids. Acts best in children – Platanus

Involuntary twitching of eye-lids – Mygale

Sensation of foreign body between upper-lid & eyeball. Distress from cinders lodged in eye – Coccus Cacti

Color-blindness or strabismus due to worms – Santonin

Asthenopia due to muscular defects & errors of accommodation. Coloured light produces dizziness. – Artemisia Vulgaris

Very useful remedy in eyestrain with dull heavy sore aching eyes. No inflammation but there is headache & weakness. – Onosmodium

Affections of eyes from overwork where every tissue of eye is irritable. Eyes burn feels like balls of fire. – Ruta

One of the best remedies in eye affections, with inflammations of lids; which appear red & ulcerated with profuse excoriating discharge. Photophobia. – Euphrasia


Otitis media profuse acrid cadaverous smelling discharges – Skookum Chuck

Used locally for earache with dry, scaly meatus – Mullein Oil.

Used in cases of persistent vertigo – Granatum

Recurrent or chronic boils at auditory canal – Calc Picrata.

Meniere’s disease with tinnitus, roaring & ringing in ears. Deafness & vertigo with tendency to fall to left side – salicylic acid.

Tinnitus, vertigo & deafness with loss of bone conduction. Good action on internal ears – Natrum Salicylicum

Hay fever, watery coryza, sneezing with lachrymation with intolerable itching of eyelids – Ambrosia.

Hay fever with burning & itching of plates & conjunctiva. Unbearable itching in the nostrils. Sneezing & coryza – Arundo

Itching in posterior nares. Hay fever with follicular pharyngitis. Dry posterior nares constant clearing
& hemming of throat. Throat swollen & burning with difficult swallowing – Wyethia

Constant wet feeling in the nose better by blowing with posterior nasal discharges – Penthorum

Chronic nose blocks from cold change of weather & polyps. Coryza alternating with colic – Calc.Carb

Hay fever & coryza in asthmatic patients with inflamed eyes & sneezing – Napthaline

First stage of colds with c.s.f. Rhinorrhoea – Ferrum Phos.

Irritating coryza with lot of sneezing, nose stopped & sensation of something crawling on mucous membrane. Post. Nasal dripping – Glycerine

Acute colds, coryza and sore throat. Cases which very often break-up a cold – Saponaria

Acute congestions with watery coryza. < Breathing least dust. > Indoors – Solanum

Used locally for nose blocks – Amyl Nitrosum

Sniffles of infants. Dry coryza nose blocked cannot breathe, awakes suddenly with suffocations, Sits up and turns blue – Sambucus Nigra.

Lt. nostril stopped all day. Hay fever. Mucus from post. Nares.Feels cold. Sneezing+ Nostrils stops alternately – Sinapis Nigra

Glandular swellings with heat & inflammation. Sore throat. Quinsy esp. sided. Shooting pain in ears on swallowing < cold > warm – Phytolacca.

Congestion of salivary gland with increased flow of saliva. Feeling as if mumps were coming on. Sore throat & hoarseness – Trifolium

Sore throat of smokers and drinkers. Constriction & burning between act of deglutition
Hot feeling in fauces – Capsicum

Adenoids. Enlarged tonsils < exposure to cold wind - Agraphis Nutans. Soreness of throat < cement Used locally as antiseptic & for clearing of ulcerated sore throat. Enlarged tonsils. - Echinacea Q + Phytolacca Q + Eucalyptus Q Elongated uvula with constant hawking. Expectorant difficult with thick, viscid mucus < Fast waking < walking against wind – Coccus Cacti Dry, spasmodic cough at night < lying down, from itching in throat as if uvula were too long. > Sitting - Hyoscyamus


Dry cough < after first sleep esp. at 11.00p.m. Asthma < lying down at night. Sensation of constriction with foreign body in throat. – Aralia Racemosa Chronic bronchitis with copious, purulent & creamy expectoration with loud rales in chest. Acts as an expectorant. (Bronchiectasis) – Balsamum Peru Chronic bronchitis. Cough with profuse muco-purulent expectoration. Gagging & vomiting during cough < after eating. Lt. lower lung esp. affected. (Bronchiectasis) – Myosotis Chronic asthma with want of breathes during exertion. Indicated as lung tonic in Cardiac asthma, c.o.p.d. & Fibrosis. Stimulates respiratory centre & increases oxygen in blood – Aspidosperma (What digitalis is for heart, aspidosperma is for lungs) Chronic bronchitis with smothering at night. Bronchorrea with tough mucus difficult to detach. Wheezing+ < night, lying down. Cheyne-stroke respiration – Grindelia Paroxysmal cough with severe dyspnoea & sneezing. Tightness across chest. Asthma < close, warm room – Justicea Q.

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