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Hahnemann's central idea is fundamental that the further an outstanding symptom seems removed from the ordinary course of disease. The greater is that symptom's value in determining the remedy (C.M.Boger)

The principle of homoeopathy is applicable to any range of potency (C.M.Boger)
After a remedy has acted, repeating the remedy too soon is one of the greatest mistakes that can be made (C.M.Boger)

My inclination is to believe that there is healing power in crude drugs and that their action can be homoeopathic , but as ordinarily used in continued application they have done more harm than their occasional good .

Symptoms indicating the curative remedy often lie outside those that make up the pathology of the case.After a prescription giving relief, do not give a remedy for any new symptom appearing in a less vital part (Lippe)

In chronic cases do not repeat or change a remedy too soon. This statement needs to be repeated a thousand times.Minutes or hours in acute; days, weeks or months in chronic diseases, never repeat while amelioration holds (M.L.Tyler)

Ultimates do not indicate the remedy. In cancer the sharp pains, ulceration and anaemia are ultimate. Preceding symptoms must be found and on these the remedy should be selected.
Do not dip into the chronic state when dealing with an acute condition and vice versa (H.A.Roberts)

If an acute disease appears of a chronic nature you must let the remedy work its way out (Boger)
Why prescribe for a part of a patient when you have the whole patient with you? The patient was sick before the glands were (Hayes)

There is no better evidence of the good action of remedy than mental improvement (J.T.Kent)
In any complicated chronic case the recent symptoms are the deciding ones, cure your case in layers. (Wood Burry)

When a remedy is indicated in different type from its characteristic type i.e., the type of its best prover and those most easily relieved or cured by it, often it is a double indication. Sepia in a man, P ulsatilla in a Nux vom. Type (its opposite) (H.A.Roberts)

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