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Biochemic treatment in cases of influenza

Ferrum Phos:The first or the initial condition, calls for the Ferr. Phos; and if throat is sore, or there is white coated tongue,Kali Mur., should be given in alternation.

If afternoon aggravation or very chilly, then give Kali Sulph., with the Ferrum.

If exceedingly nervous, Kali Phos. should be combined with the Ferrum.
If sneezing or watery discharge from eyes or nostrils Natrum Mur., is the remedy, in alternation with Ferrum Phos., which is the chief remedy. The bowels should be clean there should be no constipation .The patient should be encouraged to drink freely hot water.

Ferrum phosphoricum
In the first or initial stages of La Grippe. For the febrile symptoms, fever heat, pain, etc., - frequent does. 6x.

Kalium muriaticum
Secondary symptoms sore throat, white coated tongue, rheumatic pains.

Kalium sulphuricum
Evening aggravations - In alternation with Ferr. Phos., to promote perspiration.

Natrium sulphuricum
Chief remedy to control the excess of inter-cellular fluids, especially when there are bilious symptoms present. Dark brown coated tongue, bitter taste or vomiting of bitter, bilious fluids.

Natrium muriaticum
Sneezing, with watery discharges from eyes or nostrils - note colour of tongue (Flabby, indented and showing maps or fissures).

Kalium phosphoricum
If severe nervous symptoms are present.
Biochemic medicine during convalescence :
During the period of recovery, there is a lack of certain tissue salts in the system, with the ever-present possibility of relapse. It is, therefore, important to supply the deficient tissue salts, thus shortening the convalescent period and hastening the return of normal strength and vigor.

Calcarea phosphorica
The principal remedy to restore the quality of the blood, to stimulate the digestive processes and to tone up the system generally. Use 3 X five grains three times a day.

Ferrum phosphoricum
In alternation with Calcarea Phos to oxygenize the blood. Here also use 3X every morning and afternoon. Not at night. (Ferrum Phos. used at night causes sleeplessness, use first thing in the morning).

Kalium phosphoricum
Should there be nervous or mental symptoms or languor, it should be given.
Silicea terra
Should the debility result in repeated exposures to cold and coryza at the slightest change of weather and sneezing, perspiration on the head and foul smelling perspiration on foot, feed Silicia 12X one does every morning for a week. (Do not continue it longer. Silicia patient cannot uncover his head without suffering. A sure sign of Silicia having acted is, no sneezing or suffering even with head uncovered, particularly during sleep).
Magnesium phosphoricum
Since Mag. Phos., is main constituent of nervous system, those having weak nerves or easy cramps can be given Mag. Phos 3X

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