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Published 2007
Soft cover, bound
20x27 cm, 212 pages, 669 cartoons
ISBN-10: 9080710342
ISBN-13: 9789080710344
Translator: Petra Brockmann
50 Mb

This is how learning should be. Fun! Memorizing, analysing, repertorising, theorising, philosophising - homeopathy is full of mental labour. Alexander Gothe presents in this book well-written information on fifty homeopathic remedies, to which Julia Drinnenberg has added 669 hilarious cartoons to make for fun learning and easy memorizing.

A good shaking of the belly can be 'just what the doctor ordered', for students, patients and homeopaths. Alexander and Julia have offered this very remedy to us with this marvellous book.

Useful for study as well as to offer leisure in the waiting room.

Product Description:

If you want a good and clever way to study 50 leading medicines, THIS is a great book to get! The mixture of cartoons (funny drawings with captions that highlight symptoms of the remedy) along with good, clear descriptions of the medicine, this book will be a great study aid to you.

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