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The Genius of Homeopathy - Lectures and Essays on Homeopathic Philosophy with Word Index

by Dr. Close Stuart M.

ISBN: 9788131902882
Subject Code: MED004000

ISBN-13: 9788131902882
Category: Homeopathy

Format: PB
Age Group: Medical


Dimension: 140 x 215mm
Color: Single

Language: English
Illustrations: No

Publishing Date: 2004
Rights: W

Edition: First
Price:USD 10.50

Imprint: B. Jain Large Print
Pages: 280 pp

About the Book

The genius of homoeopathy comprise of a series of lecture deliverds at the New York homoeopathy medical college close was a student of P.P. wells and Bernhardt fincke this book is one of the cleatest statement about the philosophical basis of homoeopathic study ever complide it is written jwirh extrean clarity in this new second eddition to make the book user friendly a new font has been used which is bigger in size and is a pleasure to read we hope this new upgread book will make the task of student and readers much easier and interesting .

About the Author

Close Stuart M.

Dr. Close was born November 24, 1860 and came to study homeopathy after the death of his father in 1879. His mother remarried a homoeopathic physician who turned Close's interests from law to medicine. His stepfather helped him study the Organon and he attended medical school in California for two years. Finishing his studies at New York Homeopathic College he graduated in 1885. Completing his homeopathic education. Close preceptored with B. Fincke and P. P. Wells. Setting up practice in Brooklyn, Dr. Close went on to found the Brooklyn Homoeopathic Union in 1897. This group devoted itself to the study of pure Hahnemannian homeopathy. In 1905 Dr. Close was elected president of the International Hahnemannian Association. He was also the editor of the Department of Homeopathic Philosophy for the Homeopathic Recorder. Dr. Close taught homeopathic philosophy at New York Homeopathic Medical College from 1909-1913. Dr. Close's lectures at New York Homeopathic were first published in the Homeopathic Recorder and later formed the basis for his masterpiece on homeopathic philosophy, The Genius of Homeopathy. The homeopathic library of Dr. Close was reputed to be the one of the best in the country. He was an accomplished musician as well as an avid genealogist. Dr. Close passed away on June 26, 1929 after a full and productive career in homeopathy.

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