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Ruby free homeopathic software from Roger van Zandvoort

Courtesy : Roger van Zandvoort

RUBY is a little gem of a program with a dual personality. Firstly, it’s a reference tool; designed to make browsing and searching the Complete Repertory / Repertorium Universale simple, quick and easy. Secondly, it’s a construction tool: you can make additions to the repertory with it – from a single rubric to an entire proving – to export and send to the author for inclusion.

RUBY is NOT a repertorisation program, and the repertory it contains can't be used with any of the repertorisation programs which include the Complete Repertory.

RUBY’s features are accessed through 7 screens:

Main Screen (default screen for browsing the repertory)
Clipboards (for adding rubrics to the repertory)
Search/Find (for keyword searches across the entire repertory)
Clipboard manager
Remedies & abbreviations (for obtaining the correct remedy abbreviation for making additions)
Clipboard export
Colour preferences (for customising RUBY’s on-screen appearance)

1. Main screen

2. Search screen

3. Clipboard screen for repertory additions

RUBY comes in several language variants and in two formats – Complete Repertory or Repertorium Universale. (Note that the 2005 versions are available in the English language only.) The program is entirely self-explanatory. Mouse over any feature on any screen and a Tooltip will explain its function. Keyboard shortcuts are also available for all the main navigational and editing functions within the program.

Download Link :

Please Note : RUBY has now been superseded by Complete Dynamics, a new and more powerful repertory browser which, in future editions, will incorporate case management and analysis features and much more. RUBY remains available for the time being in the German language edition and in other languages to enable proving coordinators to submit additions to the Complete Repertory but will NOT be updated to the latest editions of the repertories.

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