This software will help homeopaths to treat Acute diseases confidently. This software is based on Dr. Prafull Vijayakars book Predictive Homeopathy part II - Theory of Acutes. In the software we have given a simple flow chart, which will help you to arrive at the simillimum.

Once you start the software, you will see 3options.
1) Determine remedy
2) Video - Theory of Acutes
3) Understanding Acute Prescribing

Understanding Acute Prescribing:

What are Acute diseases and how to approach in acute illnesses is given here as a PowerPoint presentation. You need to have Microsoft PowerPoint Software installed to see this presentation. This will run automatically. To stop the presentation press escape button on your keyboard.

Video - Theory of Acutes:

How to treat Acute diseases? This concept is explained as a avi movie file. This will run in your media player. A journey on the basic constituent of human being will help you to take maximum benefit of the software.

Determine Remedy:

Before you proceed to this section, we request you to go through the Video and the Powerpoint presentations. Also recommended is to read Dr. Prafull Vijayakar's Book Part II - Theory of Acutes. (This book is also available in the software by clicking the book icon).

Once you learn how to treat Acute diseases according to Dr. Prafull Vijayaka's method, this section will help you to arrive at the simillimum. You will see a self-explanatory chart. The First options which you see is Activity. You evaluate the patient's condition and click on the appropriate heading i.e. Decreased, Increased or No Change. i.e the Activity whether it is decreased, or Increased or there is no change. Once you click here, the next flow will appear. Further clicking on the appropriate heading will lead you step by step to the similimum.

To learn more about Dr. Prafull Vijayakar's School of Predictive Homeopathy, visit www.predictivehomeopathy.com

Adding remedies:

We have given some basic remedies, which are useful to treat most of the acute illnesses. However if you find some remedies, which you have been using frequently in your practice, we have provided with a facility to add your own remedies. To add a remedy, you have to click the right mouse button on the heading. e.g. to add remedies under heading Very Sleepy, you have to right click on the heading 'Very Sleepy.' Now click Add to add your remedies for sleep overpowering.
To delete remedies click Delete. (You can delete only newly added remedies. All the data, which are provided by us, cannot be deleted)

Adding Differentiating questions:

To add questions, Right click on the heading Differentiation. Type your differentiating question and link to the remedy for which this differentiation question is added. In this way you can customize the whole software.

Patients record:

A simple to use patients record maintenance is given to record the acute histories of your patients.

Reading the book:

We have provided the full textbook of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. Click on the book icon and you can read the whole book. To read a chapter click on the chapter heading on the left pane. In the right pane you can see the text of the chapter.
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