Whooping Cough
Condition's symptoms and associated Homeopathic Remedy:

Whoop - spasm at end of coughing. Drawing in of air causes the distinctive sound.
Affects diaphragm, therefore often causes vomiting.
"100 day cough".
Pre-mucus remedies : drosera, cuprum, coccus cact.
Mucus-stage remedies : Ipecacuanah, Kali. Bich. , Antimonium Tart.
Pre-mucus stage Remedies


Deep, dry spasmodic cough.
Much worse from talking, laughing, singing, drinking. (Upper respiratory tract involvement triggers cough).
Choking sensation with spasms following one another very quickly.
Swallows mucus as it's very hard to bring it out.
Much worse lying down, at night, and after night.
Nose bleeds quite frequently with cough.


Crampy remedy.
Usually hospitalised.
Spasms, therefore spasmodic cough - so intense that windpipe goes in spasm. Very severe, usually hospitalised.
Better when drinking water - action of swallowing stops spasm.
Vomiting leads to complete convulsion.

Coccus Cact.

Tough mucus - white.
Feel mucus is choking them - must get it out. Therefore, dry retching, vomiting, constantly hawking.
Worse in early morning. Also in nighttime.
Better in cold room.
Heat aggravates.
Sensation - crumbs in throat, or similar feeling - want to get rid of it.
Mucus-stage Remedies


Main remedy (also for Asthma).
Causes a lot of dry retching & vomiting.
Very stiff, with blue face during attack (Cuprum).
Nose bleed.
Occasionally coughing up of blood
Chest sounds rattly - full of mucus.
A cough often triggered by breathing in.
Children capricious.
Suffocative cough - full lungs.

Kali. Bich.

Can go into catarrhal stage.
Tough, ropey mucus - suffocative.
Better with heat.
Worse in morning.
Metallic, brassy cough.

Antimonium Tart.

One of rattliest coughs possible. You want to "help" them.
Much mucus - will "drown" in it, but very little coughed up.
Very short of breath - much better sitting up.
Eating can trigger cough - can cause gagging.
Children - start crying and immediately start coughing.
Baby at birth - may have swallowed amniotic fluid. Aspiration pneumonia (after inhaling something when unconscious & infection sets in). Swallowing of something into lungs. Antimonium Tart is the first remedy to think of for above.

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