a Case taking and Repertorisation software developed by Qu - Bit Homoeo technologies, Bangalore is a highly helpful tool to all homeopaths. With its powerful features and affordable pricing it is emerging as one of the best alternatives to current market leaders.
Stimulare has two sections in it. The most appealing one is the Case sheet. The other section is the one with powerful repertories in it. Let us go to the case sheet first.
This case sheet is developed with individuality of homeopaths in mind. A section of homeopaths always like to type in their case and this case sheet allow you to do exactly that in all the sections. Type in as much information as you like. In the end after you decide on the remedy and type it in just save and close. It will not restrict you to any one mode during the case taking. If you wish to enter data in one section by typing and another section by selection from an available list you can do that too.
If you are of the second type you can enter the entire case data by selecting from the list in each section. Just double click against the heading and select from the list.
During the process of case taking itself you can add the symptoms/Rubrics and by the time u finish of you can repertorise at the click of a button and get to the right remedy.
The unique feature of this software is that it allows you to create your very own suggestions and database by editing the 'masters' to suit your requirement. You need not want to run to the manufacturer each time you need minor additions.
It also allows you to add your clinic information entered and saved so that whenever you take a print out this field can be put in it.
The case taking section allows you to get print outs which are neat and compact. You can select the fields to get printed.
The case can be copied and pasted to MS Word or your email editor and sent as email to seek suggestions and opinions on the case if you are in the habit of doing so.
The case sheet also allows you to do statistical analysis of your cases on the basis of various features.
The biggest draw back that I found is that it will not allow you to underline or color code
significant points while taking the case. But Qu - Bit says it is working on the matter.
The second section deals with repertory. There are three different versions of Stimulare. The Basic version has Such powerful repertories as Kent, Boenninghausen, Boger, Pathak etc. The Professional version has in addition Complete repertory [basic]. While the Complete version can boast of Complete repertory 2005 and Universalis repertory 2005.
The repertories open in such a way that the left side window list the repertories and chapters while the right one has the rubrics. Four levels of search and selection are available. A unique feature of the search is that it allows simultaneous two word search. With the books and chapters opening sided by side with the main window the busy practitioner is saved of much time since it allows easy migration between various repertories and chapters of the same repertory.
Excellent pre sale advice and after sale service is available from Qu -Bit Homoeo Technologies


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