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AKIVA may be the best tool you will ever find for helping with homeopathic remedies!

Containing an interactive question and answer for each of 64 conditions, AKIVA gently guides you to the most indicated remedies. The questions have been carefully prepared to provide a detailed and thorough homeopathic consultation. Homeopathy is the science and art of individualization. Now, with AKIVA, you have an advisor that helps you do this!

For each condition AKIVA provides basic medical information. You need to be certain when a condition is suitable for home prescribing and when you need the help of your health-care provider. Where appropriate, AKIVA also provides color photographs of conditions along with other support information, for example herbs that might help, nutritionaal supplements you should consider and even suggestions from folklore!

All recommendations given are for 'single-remedies' - which is the ideal form of homeopathic practice. No combination remedies are included - only the pure, single-substance remedies that give best results when indicated. What may have semed difficult previously is now made easier with AKIVA!

AKIVA contains information for over 100 remedies. The information provided is clearly presented to be of relevance to situations you will encounter at home. Where appropriate full color photographs of remedies are included to help your knowledge and understanding grow.

AKIVA is fun and easy to use - combining a beautiful user interface with all the homeopathic knowledge you need in home and acute situations.


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